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Hakko Air Pumps

Hakko Air Pumps
Hakko Air PumpsHakko Air PumpsHakko Air PumpsHakko Air Pumps

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Hakko Diaphram Rebuild Kit

Hakko Air Pumps are high volume diaphragm pumps designed for a variety of low-pressure applications.

Koi pond aeration, large aquarium aeration and earth pond destratification are only a few of the many applications for Hakko pumps.

Hakko pumps are compact, affordable, energy-efficient and very, very quiet (less than 38 decibels!)!

Hakko units utilize linear- motor theorem to reduce power consumption during full operation. Units are extremely quiet utilizing spectrum analysis technology in order to decrease any mechanical noise.

Item #
HAKKO- Linear Air Pump 40 LPM
$ 209.00
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Medo Air Pumps

Medo Air Pumps

Medo aerators have about as much ambient noise as a light ballast, and consume very little energy. In an era where energy costs continue to rise dramatically, Medo air pumps have helped to drive down total...(click on product image for more details)