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Pond or water feature cleaning

We have a cleaning plan that will accommodate any homeowner. Maintenance is offered monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, or by appointment only, whichever plan is more convenient for the owner.

Cleaning of your water feature or pond consists of the following services: we come and clean the filter (as needed); clean out algae; perform a water change; remove loose debris from the pond's bottom and make sure your equipment is functioning correctly and efficiently.

Since each pond and water feature is unique, it requires more time to clean some ponds or features than others. Therefore each pond's condition is evaluated and priced on its own merits. Before a cleaning is performed, we come out and tell you what we think your situation needs and tell you what the cost will be.

Fish and water testing

Testing of your water and fish is available. We have been trained by a vet specialist in fish to visually and microscopically inspect your fish for health problems. Your water is also tested to diagnose any abnormalities in water quality. Once the tests are performed, we may be able to suggest some possible resolutions to your problems. These services are billed out by the hour with a one-hour minimum. Call or e-mail us for the current service rates.

Medicating fish and water problems

Quality products are available through our company to treat your water quality. The water is assessed and treatments are made available to alleviate the problem. Prices vary in range depending on what is specifically needed for water treatment. All treatments come with written instructions on their uses.

Most importantly, we can inspect the health of your fish. We come to your pond and examine your sick fish, furnish a remedy if applicable, and show you how to do additional treatments. If our customer is uncomfortable doing future treatments, we can make arrangements to do them for the quoted rate, adding in the cost of the medication. Some medications are as simple as administering a topical remedy, while some require injections of antibiotics.

These services are usually available only in the greater northern California area. However, under special circumstances, arrangements can be made to come to your locale to provide these services.

Pond Services

We provide Pond or water feature cleaning, Fish and water testing along with Medicating fish and treating water problems.